The Gnome

Snoozing in a hammock

with birds singing a lullaby

I was gobsmacked

when a mercurial gnome came by

Skipping along the rocks

having just left a rainbow

he tried to get my attention

throwing a rock from below

Producing a jewel

saying it had great power

trying to steal my energy

as much as he could devour

Grabbing his jewel

throwing it in the air

a bird quickly caught it

not willing to share

The gnome was furious

how dare I steal his stone

all power had left him

now he was alone

Picking him up

attaching him to a comet

screaming as he flew away

his aura flared like a rocket

Awake now

observing the night sky

stream reflecting the comet

as it says goodbye

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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