Spider in a Cafe

Entering the revolving doors

an idea in his mind

the patriarch sat down

for a minute he was blind

Startled by a voice

looking at the woman with a glance

began an awkward conversation

her beauty was enhanced

He spoke softly

with a radical plan

they could make a fortune

he asked for her hand

Sitting up straight

she looked him in the eye

speaking from her heart

she could not lie

Sometimes people think they want something

not thinking it through

acting on emotion

especially after having a brew

In this cafe

it’s just you and I

for all you know

I could be a spy

The man thought for a moment

then got up and left

realizing he was about to commit

to certain death

The woman had a sly smile on her face

she was not a fool

being a black widow

was ever so cool

Waiting for her next victim

in the dim cafe light

listening to jazz music

it had been an interesting night

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce






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