Joy in a Train

A young boy

stands upon the bridge

purity in his soul

character without a ridge

An ace at jumping

many times on his bed

the train gets closer

the caboose is red

Wanting to ride

he had plan

his method was simple

timing where he would land

Walking closer to the gate

the train is near

eyes wide open with excitement

there is no fear

Standing on the edge

he doesn’t hear the footsteps

father is behind him

determined to protect

The boy jumps up

its time to leap

father catches him

in one big sweep

The boy cries

let me go

I can make it

the train is slow

Father hugs him

now is not the time

we will go to the station

the ride is just a dime

On the train

the whistle blows

excitement all around

the boy’s face begins to glow


time to enjoy

simple things make him happy

just to be a boy

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. I can feel the energy and exhilaration in this poetic story. I love how it’s a boy imagining himself as a TV hero leaping on to a train. Well done, Debbie!

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