The Mountain Swing

On a summer morning

leaving the prim world behind

sitting on a swing

held by tight twine

Down below

a visual of the sea

between the mountains

as exciting as can be

Salty smells

mist with a bitter taste

hoping not to jinx myself

the swing is braced

High in the air

the time has come

jumping with a fancy dive

splash sounding like a drum

Coming up for air

feeling a burst of exhileration

enjoying the moment

looking around with fascination

The water is cool

a mountain breeze fills the air

a rainbow on the water

all I can do is stare

Climbing up the path

ready to do it all again

sitting on the swing

a dive begins

Sun setting

making a colorful path

following the beams home

to relax in a bubble bath

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. As someone who never learned to swim, I can only imagine how amazing it feels to dive from a height into the cool water. You sure captured the imagery and exhilaration of it here.

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