The Pier

In a secluded place

I have found my retreat

on this pier

water on my feet

In the brevity of the day

contemplating my thoughts

away from the world

what lessons are taught

Dangling my pole

out of the water jumps a fish

making a perfect circle

I make a wish

A theme for life

how much fun it would be

if there was a plan

specifically for me

Surrounded by the mountains

each day carries new life

a unique adventure

sometimes filled with strife

Things planned out

that would be so easy

nothing would go wrong

never a thought of being crazy

But for me

that would not be fun

must feel the soil

freedom to run

Excitement each day

a new adventure to happen

joy in my heart

each day a new passion

Picking up my pole

turning to leave

fish continue to jump in the water

I can finally breathe

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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