Mountain Life

The image below is from the Google Home Photo Frame.

Standing on a mountain peak

grazing across the land

a herd of buffalo

two are taking a stand

One is robust

with an invoice on his head

the other holds a rope

hoping to keep his family fed

The buffalo is quite spritely

a tribute to his age

the opponent is young

impulsive to engage

The young man strikes first

throwing the rope

the buffalo steps aside

as the young man slips on a slope

Moving along

the buffalo makes a wise move

he moves out of sight

while the young man regains his groove

One last time

there is a chase

but the buffalo is wiser

and wins the race

Across the valley

there is small game

the young man practices

his skills and aim

The young man returns home

with a small deer

family dinner is sparse

his drink is a beer

Morning comes

the young man tries again

his skill is better

today he wins

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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