A Timeless Battle

The dark figure stood

far away from the light

having cast long shadows

causing victims to have much fright

A vendetta

from a scene long ago

so many centuries

origins hard to know

The pedantic one

organizes a plan

under the cover of darkness

will take all who live in this land

Which evil to begin

the mind or the soul

which inflicts the greatest pain

ensures the most control

The time has come

time to execute the plan

oh how easy

they all are damned

A sudden surprise

in the midst of the battle

a strong Light emerges

lost some of the chattel

The Light grows stronger

souls no longer afraid

darkness taking a beating

the souls have prayed

The dark figure retreats

there will be another day

it is an epic battle

repeating as long as souls stray

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce





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