Happy Independence Day

What a glorious day

to think about Independence

the blessings and privileges

that have come my way


Freedom of thought

and of things to share

the right to agree or disagree

about the things we care


Freedom to move about

to see and enjoy this great land

from the seashores to the mountains

by any mode of transportation we can


Freedom to worship God

or the freedom not to

expressions of faith

see our souls through


Happy Birthday America

celebrations throughout the land

fireworks and barbecue

parades and bands


In the pursuit of freedom

many lives have been lost

cherish and protect it

freedom comes at a cost


God bless America

on this Independence Day

let freedom ring

as we go our way


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce









  1. Reblogged this on COVID Odyssey by Alan Grace and commented:
    Independence (an Acrostic)

    In NZ and all countries
    No longer may we suffer
    Don’t pray underestimate
    End timeframe for this plague
    Peace bring to all world’s people
    Enduring health and calm life
    Now and forever after
    Deliver us from evil
    Epidemics and virus
    Now beating at the border
    Cease COVID’s lasting vile threat
    Ever pray may we stay safe


    Alan Grace
    4 July 2020

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