The New Year

snow capped mountain alaska

Frigid cold on the mountain tops

a new year to get to know

sleeping dreams ready to rise

in the the flakes of snow


Months pass

the first bud of spring

renewal of life in the air

fledgling birds spread their wings


The soul senses change

with each new sun rise

tranquility and peace

experience helps us become wise


Reflections of trees

crispness in the air

leaves gently spreading color

birds singing with a flair


Winter sleep comes again

feeling like the comfort of a friend

silence and reflection

till another year begins


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce


  1. A nice verse on the continuous cycle of seasons. My husband reminds me that the days are 20 or 30 seconds longer each day now. 🙂
    Happy new year! thanks for joining in with our prompt.

    Looks like you’re a new blogger? I suggest you go into your Admin and set up a Recent Posts widget so readers can see what you’ve been posting without having to scroll back and back. Makes blogs more reader-friendly.

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