Echo of Can you Spare a Dime

homeless bill standing may 6

The streets are silent

except the echo of a man

can you feed me

difficult to live on the land


He had a bugaboo

shining in the light

seeing me near

it suddenly was put out of sight


Nervously walking up

thankful it is him and not me

giving him a bag with necessities

and some fast food for free


The man weaved a tale

of how life began on the streets

so compelling

of strife and defeat


Still there is hope

as he crossed the street

walking into a shelter

relief from the heat


The shelter offers services

volunteers with skills to help

perhaps one day he will accept them

a life change will be felt


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce






  1. So prevalent an experience, even over here, I like your resolve at the end – perhaps he will. A difficult road for many.

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