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Elastic: Wonderful 1970’s Song

There was some wonderful music in the 1970’s. The word elastic reminded me of the song Rubberband Man by The Spinners. Have a wonderful day!






<a href=””>Elastic</a&gt;

via Daily Prompt: Elastic

By pipersadventures9

Piper Pierce is a Mississippi native who loves to experience the journey through life.

8 replies on “Elastic: Wonderful 1970’s Song”

That’s a new one to me. “It’s a Shame” I’ve never heard it before. Maybe “I’ll Be Around” when somebody does a remake of it. Don’t know if when they do it it’ll come out right, but I guess with material like that to work with, it’ll still blow my mind.

Thanks for sharing a new classic… if you’ll pardon the oxymoron! (I know, I know. Not nearly as hilarious as playing a rubberband between my toes. But hey, we can’t all have so much grace and debonair! )

It has been a long time since I heard that song and I can see it being used for the prompt elastic, but I think that it is actually about a drug dealer who held his cash tied by a rubber band.

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