A Snoopy Fall

snoopy bicycle clinton


This poem is a recreation of Snoopy from Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown by Charles Schulz. It is one of my favorite fall cartoons. Have a wonderful day!


Snoopy recreates the day

soaring through the air

taking on the Red Barron

if he will take that dare


Racing through the skies

there is a dramatic song

bullets flying through the air

what could go wrong


Recreating the moment

going down with his ship

standing tall and proud

looking really hip


With a thump

he is safe on the ground

time to take a nap

then look around


With the reenactment

there is a party at the end

eating an apple

with his many friends


Celebrating fall 

with an old television show

not losing childhood wonder

as we go


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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