Kudzu in the Mountains


Kudzu in the mountains

an illusion to me

appearing like a river

down the crevice to see


High in the mountains

on this fall morn

beautiful in the sun

heavy with dew adorn


As the sun rises

thanking God for his grace

my soul is nourished

a smile on my face


Wishing everyone love

on this wonderful day anew

hoping that your life

is filled with adventures new


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Everyone in the South knows about kudzu rivers. Some even are fortunate enough to have a kudzu ocean. [not]
    On my road, we have a kudzu mountain.

  2. I travelled around the US last summer and coming back to DC through Wyoming and Virginia I came across this kudzu invasion covering hillsides, trees, roads and electric poles. We have our fair share of invasive plants here in the UK but none compare to kudzu. If us humans should suddenly disappear will North America end up being swallowed by the greedy stuff? My ‘illusion’ poem was a little different to yours!

    • Thanks for sharing. Kudzu was brought to this country I think after WW II as an erosion control plant. It appears to be hard to control and could possibly swallow up North America. Thanks for reading.

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