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Independence and Fireworks: Holiday as a Young Adult

american flag may 5

Fireworks light up the sky

it has been a beautiful day

having shown my independence

in a unique way


For the first time

decisions made by me

living in my first place

away from immediate family


Such freedom

the bed can be left unmade

clothes left in the floor

no chores to trade


First holiday

there is barbeque on the grill

few friends at my new place

fun times to chill


An exciting adventure

adulting is a challenge indeed

celebrating the birth of our country

trying to succeed


As the fireworks shine bright

on this beautiful night

independence in my first place

inhaling freedom in the light


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce



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Morning Meditation

DocFile (2)

Morning sun is beautiful

my soul sails away

dreaming of peace

each and every day


God provides beauty

which feeds my soul

observing the wonder

carved from days of old


Breathing clean air

meditating in the view

thankful for blessings

old and the new


Colors in every direction

browns, oranges, and reds

a feast for the eyes

happiness is bred


Meditation is finished

into the brand new day

my soul is renewed

ready to go on my way


Spreading love and peace

kindness to one another

leaving this place

loving all others


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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Serene Sailing

red headed duck strawberry patch park april 24

The duck sailed easily

swimming in the pond

life is calm and serene

in the distance beyond


The sun rises

the day is new

abundance in life

happiness is the clue


Swimming contently

slowly in the bend

taking in beautiful sights

hoping it will never end


He is joined by others

fun is at hand

sharing community

listening to the band


Living in harmony

enjoying the day

watching the people

on the bay


Eating small morsels

in the water bend

life is wonderful

resting till the end


The sun sets

done is the day

swimming to the banks

Happy Independence Day


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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An Independence Day Celebration

american flag may 5

I decorated my bicycle with red, white, and blue streamers and gathered the candy bag. There was great excitement in the air as I sailed to the beginning of the neighborhood. All the houses had American flags displayed in the front yards. It was a humid morning and it was time to line up for the Independence Day parade.

There were about twenty people already in line for the parade. Each person had decorated a bicycle or wagon in red, white, and blue streamers. There was an older man who had decorated his lawnmower with balloons. There were so many of them it appeared that he would fly away.

The parade began and the people were waving American flags on both sides of the street as the parade progressed down the street. I threw candy while riding by on my bicycle. It was a site to see especially when my bike hit a bump in the road and I almost hit the ground. It was a grand time for everyone involved the event.

Afternoon came and my family began preparing for the main event of the day. There were several relatives coming over to enjoy our new house for the holiday. We had moved into the new house in May.

The house was larger than our last one and my father had just finished building the swimming pool. He loved gas grills and swimming pools. Each morning the swimming pool water would be tested and cleaned. This afternoon the water in the pool was blue and sparkling in the sun. It looked inviting in the midafternoon heat.

The grill was hot and my father brought the meat out to be cooked. In our house it was common to marinate all types of meat to be cooked on the grill overnight. The tender meat consisted of chicken and small beef chunks. There was enough to feed a large number of people.

The aroma of the meat while on the grill cooking was a pleasure for the senses. The smell of spicy and sweet marinade acted as a magnet to the grill. It seemed like an eternity passed before the meat was done.

The next part of our contribution to the evening meal was homemade ice cream. The ice cream mixture was prepared and put into a wooden hand cranked maker. The ice and salt around the ice cream container would splash out on the concrete as the crank was turned.

The job of turning the crank fell to my brother. He would make up songs as the crank turned. These songs were funny and often the lyrics depicted what was going on around him at the time.

The time came for my relatives to arrive for the holiday. Many containers filled with food were brought through the house to the back yard. My mother had prepared a picnic table covered with a red tablecloth with a small container filled with silverware and napkins. Soon the table was filled with delicious looking side dishes and desserts.

After the meal was finished it was time to swim in the pool. The water was cool and refreshing in the late afternoon heat. Going down the slide was the best part of the swimming pool. It was about ten feet tall and had a curve in the center. Water came through the spouts on the side making it easy to slide into the water.

I climbed up the ladder and decided go down head first on my back into the water. This could be a tricky thing to do if you were not careful. Time seems to go by quickly as you go down and hit the water. Many times I had water up my nose from trying this. Still it was always fun to do.

Next was a game of water volleyball in which everyone participated. This was a fun game that had teams mixed with adults and children. There was never a clear winner but everyone had a great time.

Finally the sun set and it was time for the firework show. Our house was close enough to where the firework show was being held that we could see it clearly in the backyard. There were explosions of multicolored lights in the air. There was a different array of shapes and colors with each burst. It was a wonderful site to see.

Soon it was time for everyone to go home. The tables were cleared and everything was cleaned. There were hugs and announcements that we would meet again soon. The perfect end to another adventure. All was well within our souls.

Copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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Holiday Passage

blueberry cobbler may 14

It’s a holiday weekend

people traveling all around

spreading love to others

goodwill to be found


Food on the table

the ice cream is cold

people sharing with others

telling stories of old


Life is filled with experiences

adventures of joy

learning about others

lessons to employ


It is time to eat

the food is on my plate

a passenger on this holiday

I will not be late


On this holiday weekend

as you journey this day

I wish you happiness and peace

Happy Independence Day


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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Beach Holiday

coastal bird 2 may 9

Small coastal bird

scurrying in the sand

catching small snacks

that people throw on the land


The waves crush on the sand

bringing in treasures

shells, snails, and jellyfish

bringing the coastal bird pleasure


We snack at the beach

on this grand holiday

enjoying time together

splashing water as we play


God gave us freedom

on Independence Day

families and friends

we celebrate along the way


Happy weekend to all

thanking God for his grace

fireworks in the sky

shooting at a fast pace


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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The American Flag: A Symbol of Opportunity

american flag may 5

Flag day is an important day in my household. We honor the American flag and reflect upon how it symbolizes aspects of our lives. I come from a military family that has faithfully served this country for over a century.

There is an American flag that sits in a shadow box on the mantle above the fireplace. It has been lovingly stored there for many years. It was a gift to my father many years ago and he placed it this box . It stood as a symbol of the life he lived and the gratitude felt for being allowed to live in this country.

The flag was special because it had been flown above the United States Capital in Washington, DC. These flags may be obtained through writing your congressman and paying a small fee. It is a privilege to have one of these American flags.

This country was founded on the principle of freedom. In the beginning that freedom appeared to be limited to a few men. After many years of war and various movements freedom is now available to the people of this country. There are still obstacles to be overcome but there is still freedom underneath this flag.

As a family we celebrate the freedom this country allows through the display of the American flag. It is a reminder to my family that the life we enjoy came from the sacrifice of many individuals. They are to be honored and not forgotten.

Struggle for freedom comes in many forms. There are people in this country trapped in economic hardship that seems impossible to overcome. To these people the struggle is real and for many it seems that there is no hope.

America is the land of opportunity. God has blessed this land and her people with natural resources and the freedom to start over repeatedly. This is a country where each day is a new beginning. Economic hardship can become a struggle of the past.

The American flag is a symbol of that opportunity and freedom. Immigrants have long come to this country searching for a better life. When they see the flag it is a reminder of that hope.

In the late 1800’s my grandparent’s immigrated to this country to escape famine. The few family members that remained alive boarded a boat to America. Having heard that there was opportunity and farm land in Mississippi they immediately migrated south. There was hope for the first time in many years.

The family worked on various farms as they made their way to Mississippi. The labor was difficult and they saved money from each meager check. My great-grandfather was a vet and was able to make extra money tending to sick livestock.

Finally arriving in Mississippi the family bought a small farm. They raised their own food and soon life began to improve. The children were expected to seek out opportunity and work hard. Each generation increased a little farther on the economic ladder.

Soon many years passed and the world was in the midst of World War 1. The sons of the family in Mississippi were drafted and fought in a foreign land. Each time the American flag  was flown it reminded them of home. Seeing such destruction in countries at war made them appreciate the blessings of this land.

The next generation faced the Great Depression. The family barely made ends meet and times were extremely difficult. The American flag was a reminder that this country still offered opportunity and the blessings of the essentials of life. The depression extended around the world and the family was grateful for the opportunities in this country.

There were several wars in the following years. Each generation of this family served with pride to protect this great country. The American flag stood as a symbol to them of perseverance. They were proud to live in this country.

My father had a dual career as an engineer in the army and as a civilian. He dedicated his life to the principles upon which this country was founded. The American flag flew proudly in each of his homes. He taught his children the importance of patriotism and hard work.

The American flag flies outside my home today. As with all previous generations there is still struggle in this country. Adversity will always be a part of our lives but we are blessed to live in a country with the opportunity to overcome issues. Each failure may be turned into a success. The American flag is proudly flown as a symbol of that opportunity.

Copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce







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Mississippi Summer: A Teenager’s Passport to Adventure

castlewoods pool may 6

School was out for the summer. This was a time of great excitement for me as a young teenager. I was not old enough for a real world job and could still enjoy some of the benefits of childhood.  The responsibilities of adulthood were still distant. The end of the school year was a passport to adventure.

The first adventure would occur on the Memorial Day weekend. On the Saturday before Memorial Day my family would pack our bags and go to the local campground. It was fun to put up the tent and explore the surrounding area. The campground was located near the river where there was an area for swimming. A large rope hung off a tree for those daring enough to swing and jump into the river.

Supper was cooked over a campfire. My mother had several coolers organized according to meals. Drinks were in one and food for the trip in the second. She was determined to enjoy the trip without having to constantly do chores. The meals were simple and delicious. Relaxation was the rule of the day.

river bend may 5

Sunday was spent canoeing down the river. There were a few small rapids on the river that presented a thrill when going down the river. A relaxing way to spend the day. Saturday night was filled with music. My father and brother played the guitar and began to lead the sing a long while s’mores were cooked over the open fire.

The weekend would end on Monday as we packed our bags and returned home. My family would return home in early afternoon. Our neighbors held a small parade each year to honor our veterans. Riding lawnmowers decorated with American flags would ride down the street. It was a pleasant site to observe.

June was a fun month to continue the adventure. Each morning I would ride my bike to the local pool and practice with the swim team. It was fun to compete with my friends each week in the swim meets. Winning was nice but rare for me. It was just fun to be on the team. The lazy days of summer were spent riding bicycles, swimming at the pool, and exploring new hobbies. This time was a wonderful adventure in life.

american flag may 5

July would begin with a huge Independence Day celebration. There would be family and friends gathering at our home. There would be some kind of meat in the smoker to be eaten with the late afternoon meal. My uncle made the best beef brisket with his special marinade. All these years later I can still remember the anticipation of eating that wonderful brisket.

In the afternoon there would be games and conversation. My father would make barbecue sausage on the grill as a snack and homemade ice cream would be made in the churn. The meal would be served on a table decorated with red, white, and blue plates and napkins.

The evening would continue with music until time for the fireworks. We lived close enough to see the firework display of a local festival. It was fun to sit and watch all the wonderful colors crackle in the sky.

In late July it would be time for the family vacation. Each year my family shared a rented house with some relatives on the beach. It was a wonderful week filled with many fun adventures. Usually the first two days were spent playing in the ocean and laying on the beach.

After the sun burn set in on the third day it was time to spend less time in the sun and work on some summer hobbies. I loved to read novels and write. The afternoon was the perfect time to explore new places and solve mysteries through those novels.

The mornings continued to be about beach volleyball. We set up a net and all of the cousins would play. There would also be some teenagers that we had met that would join us. After our afternoon individual pursuits it would be time for one last walk on the beach. Time passed quickly and soon it was time to return home

August came and it was time to prepare for the new school year. Summer vacation was coming to a close and it was time to retire our passports. The final weeks of our summer adventure would include required reading and band camp.

I can still remember those days of freedom and adventure before the responsibilities of adulthood set in. Reading the stories that I wrote of these summer adventures fills me with joy. It returns me to a time when the simple pleasures of life were an adventure.

Copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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