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The Life and Times of a Suburban Blue Bird

The suburbs are an interesting place to live in Mississippi. There is a part of the city mixed with some of the benefits of living out among nature. One of the most intriguing parts of this life is the observation of the variety of birds. My yard is filled with doves, cardinals, blue birds, wrens and robins all trying to feast on the bird feeders containing sunflower seeds. The lives of all of the birds are fun and interesting to watch. There are no predators in the yard so the birds enjoy the security of abundant food.

Jess built some bird houses and posted them on the fence. One of the first residents in the bird house is a male and female bluebird. The male is majestic in his blue color as he sports through the yard. He is looking a bit ruffled since bumbling the morning battle with another male blue bird. The female is beautiful but not as full of color. She is checking out the variety of houses looking for the perfect nesting spot.

The pair finally decide on a house in the corner of the yard and begin building a nest. The blue birds bring small twigs and other treasures to fill the nest. Some of the treasures for this nest come from our yard. There was a thunderstorm the night before and small twigs and leaves are now in the yard. Building the nest is a slow process that is observed for days before finally being finished. When the birds have move in we can see the twigs resting on the inside of the house.

It is not long before the nest is filled with eggs. The blue birds guard this nest very aggressively from any perceived predators. Some of the air battles with other birds are entertaining to watch. We have also observed a squirrel being chased away from the nest by the blue birds. They are serious protectors when it comes to their family.

Bluebird Jess

The female blue bird sits on the nest for hours each day. She rests her head on the entrance hole to house continually observing activity close to the house. The male will visit several times a day. He will often bring food and guard the nest while the female leaves to find food. This process will continue for a few weeks until the eggs are hatched.

After the eggs are hatched the young birds chirp in anticipation of the food their parents will bring. The birds feed their young several times a day. While we have several bird feeders containing sunflower seed, the female prefers to feed her young family spiders and other sources of protein. The bird house is close to a wooded area providing an abundance of this type of food.

Bluebird with spider jess

After a few weeks the young blue birds are ready to fly away.  The blue birds will continue to be with their young family for quite a while.  They will leave the bird house and teach the young birds how to live in the woods. Eventually the young blue birds will leave the parents to pursue their own lives.

Jess cleaned the bird house and discovered a small blue egg that did not develop. It was a pretty egg and I am sad that it did not hatch. The cycle of life can be disheartening at times. Sometimes there is loss in the renewal of life for these birds. The bird house is empty now waiting to be discovered by a new couple of birds in search of a nesting site.

A few days ago we observed a new male and female blue bird looking at another bird house in the yard. It appears that the cycle will begin anew. The new blue birds are bringing new twigs and other treasures to the bird house. Soon there will be eggs and the cycle of life will begin again.  Jess and I are looking forward to observing this young family grow and flourish. Nature is wonderful in life and abundance in this spring season.

Copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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Beach Holiday

coastal bird 2 may 9

Small coastal bird

scurrying in the sand

catching small snacks

that people throw on the land


The waves crush on the sand

bringing in treasures

shells, snails, and jellyfish

bringing the coastal bird pleasure


We snack at the beach

on this grand holiday

enjoying time together

splashing water as we play


God gave us freedom

on Independence Day

families and friends

we celebrate along the way


Happy weekend to all

thanking God for his grace

fireworks in the sky

shooting at a fast pace


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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The Woodpecker

woodpecker on a fence 2 april 23

Red headed woodpecker

drawn to the trees

seeking food and shelter

that God provides for thee


Providing beautiful color

magnetic in flight

pecking on the trees

in the morning sunlight


Always standing tall

on trees and fence posts

observing the world around

taking mental notes


My soul is refreshed

observing the life he leads

never worrying about life issues

or even his needs


God provides for us

there is no need to worry

living in abundance

without having to hurry


My soul is nourished

praying each day

trusting that God 

will provide the way


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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Birds on a Pier


pelicans on pier ms gulf coast may 9

Birds on a pier

Happy as can be

Diving for fish

Getting it for free


Wading through the watery wheel of life

Calm and serene

Without fear of strife


Trusting God to feed them

One by one

Each and every day

Till the hungry are none


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Little Coastal Bird Meddles for Meals

coastal bird ms gulf coast may 9

Little coastal bird

dressed head to toe

waiting to meddle

in  the morsels that people throw


Little coastal bird

with his suit so fine

enjoying his food

just like a fine wine


He enjoys life

each and everyday

watching the people

laugh along the way


Meddling in baskets

left unattended

living life fully

like God intended


Little coastal bird

so fun to observe

taking life slowly

calming to my nerves


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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The Blue Heron

blue heron at reservoir overlook natchez trace

The blue heron

a paragon of dignity

so easy to see

an example to humanity


He stands in the water

with a cap so blue

admiring the sunrise

the day is anew


God created him a home

so perfect in every way

providing for his needs

paragon for the day


A lesson for us

to be content

standing tall with dignity

not to lament


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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Mississippi Travel: A Visit to Pelahatchie Bay

Pelahatchie Bay is a small bay which attracts fishermen, walkers, and wildlife. It is one of the many bays and inlets that are connected to the Ross Barnett Reservoir. Fed by the Pearl River these areas create an ecosystem for all types of life.

The early mornings and late afternoons are the best times to visit small bays and inlets in Mississippi. The summer brings hot temperatures to all places around the state.  Pelahatchie Bay is home to many visitors taking advantage of the cooler spring days.

On one late afternoon visit Jess and I were taking photos and observing the wildlife at Pelahatchie Bay. The first thing that caught our attention was a blue heron enjoying the sun and looking for food. The blue herons are majestic birds that are large and beautiful. They command attention from all who observe them. The sun reflections make them appear to walk on water. The blue heron takes notice of our appearance but continues on his mission for this afternoon. We observe for a while and take pictures before continuing our journey through the bay. At times it seems the blue heron is posing for this photo session.

blue heron pelahatchie bay 1 april 12

The blue heron is not the only bird to make an appearance this afternoon. An egret is hiding in the river brush searching for food. This beautiful bird struts for us as it scans the river water. There is an abundance of fish in this area and the egret will be busy eating for a while this afternoon. These birds are not alone in the bay. The river is a source of life for this ecosystem. In the mornings and afternoons otters will make an appearance swimming happily in the river. Bugs, snakes, and rabbits also frequent this landscape.

white egret pelahatchie bay april 12

As we continue on our journey through the bay a group of fishermen on a wooded deck into the river captures our attention. This is an eclectic group of people composed of high school kids and two older women. Each group is absorbed in their own worlds.

We are hardly noticed by the high school kids. They have fishing poles and are engaged in conversation. We say hello and continue our journey through the deck.  The two older women are friendly and share their fishing story with us. They tell us how this is one of many afternoons that will be spent at this fishing hole. This is relaxation for them after finishing the work day. The women have brought a cooler of food and drink. Today is not a good day for catching fish but they have enjoyed books and conversation.

The view of the river is wonderful and clear showing its banks and channels. The blue sky with clouds provides the perfect reflections of the river. There are trees and undergrowth on each side of the river providing shade and food for the wildlife in the area. The river feeds the Ross Barnett reservoir which can be seen in full a few miles from this spot.

Our journey continues as we move toward the next part of the bay. There is a small bait shop and restaurant on the opposite side. This shop is frequented by fishermen in search of live bait and a meal before the day’s activities. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch consisting of home cooked southern food. The aroma of the cooking food is pleasant and inviting. Often while shopping for fish bait or eating  there are discussions as to where the best fishing hole for the day is located and what is the best type of bait for the expected catch. Minnows and crickets are popular bait sold at the shop.

blue heron and egret pelahatchie bay april 20

The next place we visit is the entrance to a trail through the woods. It is inviting with the trees and peaceful. There is a small breeze blowing making the afternoon more comfortable. Jess and I discuss taking a hike through this trail. It is a short trail and we can see that is ends on the other side of the bay. We decide to take a few pictures and leave the trail for another day.

The time has come to leave Pelahatchie Bay. We take one final look at the blue heron which has now been joined by an egret enjoying the day. It is a wonderful site observing how these birds live in peace with one another. Nature is calm and relaxing and we are blessed to be a small part of the circle of life.

Copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Beauty Inside and Out

penguins in las vegas 2

Penguins strutting around

so natty and smart

waddling in front of the visitors

like living works of art


Coats like a tuxedo

dressed in black and white

anxious for the guests to provide fish

oh what a site


God created the penguins

placed them in dapper attire

never having to worry

about fulfilling clothing desire


People should be so content

in the skin that they wear

God made everyone beautiful

kind souls to bare


Inner beauty is to be found

for all to see

showing kindness to all

is the key for you and me


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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Mississippi Gulf Coast: A coastal bird’s view of the activities of a marina

coastal bird may 9

The morning has passed by slowly as the coastal bird sits on a fence post at the marina. The coastal bird has already had his breakfast and has found a place to rest and observe the activity of the marina for a while. People are interesting to watch and will occasionally share a portion of food.

The people have come through the gates taking things to their boats. The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day to be out in the gulf. Some of the boats are quite large and carry many people to the barrier island in the distance for a day. Others take the small kayak into the small bay for a morning of relaxation. There is a small group of people coming in to take out the sailboats.

In the distance there is a group of fishermen spending the day at the end of the pier. The fishing is good here. The coastal bird remembers the abundance of fish eaten at breakfast. Later in the day there will be more birds joining him for the evening feast.

It is midmorning and time for the lunch crowd to begin ambling in for the noon meal. At first the day is slow for the restaurant with only a few people on the patio. The coastal bird sits on this perch each day waiting for a few patrons of the restaurant to break the no feeding the birds rule. Crackers are a wonderful treat.

The coastal bird observes a group of elderly people being escorted onto the patio. The men and women are dressed in shorts with colorful shirts. They look old with their weathered skin. The coastal bird closely listens to the conversation at this table.

The patrons of this table are discussing their latest retirement ventures. It seems that these people are fond of boating and travel. They discuss how warm it is in this part of the country. It is still cold in the north and they are glad that the decision was made to move here. These people are happy and laughing as the noon meal appears on the table.

The next group of people arrive at the restaurant and are escorted to a table at the end of the patio. It is a younger couple holding hands. The coastal bird listens as the man tells the waitress that they are newly married and on their honeymoon. Perhaps this young couple will break the rules and throw out some crackers. The couple observes the view of the gulf while waiting for their lunch. The sun is still shining brightly.

The restaurant is full now as the lunch crowd has grown larger. The coastal bird has only had one cracker this morning. A man tossed one near the fence on the way out of the restaurant. It was a quick snack but not enough to last the afternoon.

A group of people are in the parking lot looking at the coastal bird. They decide to take some pictures of the coastal bird before going on to the next destination. The bird decides to stand regally on the fence. Pictures are taken and the coastal bird is rewarded with a small cracker from the lunch table. The coastal bird believes that for posing for the pictures the reward should have been greater.

Lunch ends and the restaurant closes until the evening meal. The coastal bird flies to the gulf water and picks up some fish from the water. A great afternoon snack to keep up his strength and remain healthy.

This afternoon there is a kayak race in inlet surrounding the marina. There are people in the race of all ages. There are people surrounding the pier and beach watching the race. Excitement rules the day as people leave little bits of leftover food on the ground as the race progresses. The coastal bird lands near the food and snacks on the small pieces.

Finally the kayak race ends and the people head to the restaurant for the evening meal. The coastal bird returns to his post on the fence and watches the day’s events come to an end. The boats return to the marina with people tired and some with a sunburn. The people tie the boats to the marina slots and leave for the day.

The sun sets on the horizon and the coastal bird reflects upon the day. The gulf waters have been generous with the fish to keep him healthy. There has been generosity from the people visiting the kayak races and restaurant. Life is good thought the coastal bird as he heads into the sunset to rest in his nest. Tomorrow is another day to visit the marina.

Copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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