Lost in the Commotion

Out of the cornea of my eye

the photons scattered

the velocity of the bomb

took away all that mattered

Blown across the hall

the historic moment came

ghostly figures appeared

none had a name

I had expected a tunnel

going from darkness to light

filled with beauty

but now there was only fright

Looking closer

these beings held emotions

sadness, anger, and shock

so much commotion

Time passed

as each ghost accepted his fate

composure returned

at the appearance of a gate

The ghosts filtered through

some screaming with delight

a spectacular world

filled with love and light

Others confused

choosing to run away

searching the debris

looking for another way

Making a choice

I walked through the gate

loved ones surrounding me

in a world without hate

The gate disappeared

saying a prayer for those who were lost

wanting to return to a world

where hate has a high cost

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. Very creative work Piper. I love the way you seamlessly wove the prompt words in while interpreting Fandango’s image at the same time.

    • Thank you. I enjoyed using your word prompts for Fandango’s image. It was so much fun to write. Thank you for the word prompts and for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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