A Canyon Adventure

Riding the mule down the canyon

balancing myself on the chafed skin

keeping away from the edge

murmuring caustic comments in the wind

Endeavoring not to look directly down

as the mule makes a turn

serene in his movements

knowing there is no reason for concern

Calming down

enjoying the ride

beautiful colors in the canyon

water streaming down the side

Stopping for the night

camping in this enchanted place

family singing around the fire

feeling amazing grace

Looking into the sky

as the moon and stars dance

air is crisp and clear

putting me into a dreamy trance

The sun rises

time to return to the canyon top

the birds serenade us as we leave

as rain begins to drop

Final photos taken

saying goodbye to new friends

leaving for home

as our adventure ends

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. I could feel the trepidation melt away as the beauty of the landscape and time spent with family calmed their nerves and the rider just let the journey happen.

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