War Declared in a Swarm

The weekend adventure began

with the rigmarole of putting up a tent

enacting the ritual of building a fire

calm until the event

Pestilence came just after dark

mosquitoes without couth

descended upon the camp

determined to mooch

The conquest began

with a declaration of war

having suffered famine

they came in a swarm

Huge in relation to form

buzzing was the battle cry

screaming from campers

fearing death in the nigh

In an attempt to hinder

the mosquitoes in flight

fans blew smoke into the swarm

hoping to avoid a bite

One camper had a plan

radiating bug spray

with great success

sending the swarming mosquitoes away

A net was erected

the injuries were minor

now protected from the enemy

advice from an old timer

Campers left for home

as the sun rose

thankful to be released from hell

or so the story goes

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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