The Old Barn

The storm draws near

as the incisive wind blows

the frenetic storm is explosive

as the legend grows

The old barn

sitting patiently on the plain

surrounded by prairie

filled with grain

The storm circles

lifts the barn from the ground

swirling in the air

heaven bound

Lightening strikes

tempers of the sky flare

a powerful argument

thunder fills the air

The barn swirls

a cow flies out the door

wheat surrounds it

now nothing on the floor

Storm calms

barn now in a new location

strangely intact

having new sensations

Sun shines bright

electricity in the air

barn carries new life

even though bare

Seeds from wheat

sown in rich soil

growing in the wild

easing a farmer’s toil

Barn providing shelter

to cows and stock

intact and strong

steady as a rock

Time passes

a new storm forms

barn has a new destination

life is reborn

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


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