Lights of Life

Lights in life

come in many forms

simple pleasures

a routine of norm

Other lights shine

through the people we meet

smiles and laughter

nods and waves we greet

Light shining through family

through thick and thin

heartache and joy

with us till the end

Light shining through adventure

in the world around

experiencing each moment

some are quite profound

Light shining through our souls

as an example to others

healing pain and suffering

we are all brothers

Meditation ends

past becomes the present

lights continue to form

life is incandescent

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. An Aurora Borealis in action, with its shimmer and shine.
    Something here to for unimagined in a Delta state of mind.
    To the left of Crowley’s Ridge, the grand swirls should align;
    unless gazers stand in your circle, I fear, only clouds they’ll find.

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