The Joy of the Hummingbird

Soaring in the air

a fearless acrobat

aerial battles with others

going tit for tat

Steadfast in the journey

taking nectar from the flower

joyfully spreading pollen

a wonderful superpower

Continuing to a feeder

a special treat

spending but a moment

nectar is sweet

Captured digitally

actions being shared

bringing joy to others

happy that they care

Winter comes

time to move on

migrating to the south

where the days are long

I will return

have no fear

enjoy the videos

till spring next year

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. For the past two years I have had a hummingbird visit my front garden. Finally, this year the bird sat on a branch as if to say, “OK, lady. Take your pictures.” I was ecstatic!

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