A Story for an April Day

An accurate story

spring is in the air

it happened recently

a dog with an eccentric flair

The car had been started

getting ready for a trip

Skipper excitedly jumped into the car

a key attached to his lip

Forgetting something

I shut the car door

Skipper jumped into the front

dropping the key on the floor

Paws locking the door

my expression was a site

Skipper climbed into the driver’s seat

giving me a fright

Backing up slowly

Skipper put the car in gear

sitting on the horn

toward the road he began to veer

Going down the street

I began to run

Skipper pressed the accelerator

having so much fun

Head out the window

wind in his hair

tongue wagging happily

freedom everywhere

Grabbing my bike

yelling at him to stop

finally catching up with him

stopping the car with a mop

Skipper jumped into the passenger seat

expecting me to pay

a treat for this story

Happy April Fool’s Day!

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce





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