a morning bicycle ride

Riding through old town

wind racing through my hair

sweet bits of summer

music in the air


Sitting on a porch

men playing chess

smells of cigars 

harmony at this address


Further down the street

children playing in a pool

relief from the heat

a game without rules


Passing by a cafe

teens sporting summer fashions

one telling a joke

waiting for a reaction


Passing the park now

ducks walking in a row

heading toward the pond

with little ones in tow


Parked under a tree

reading a book

blessed by each moment

everywhere I look


Life is sweet 

on this summer day

happiness abound

enjoying each sun ray


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce



    • Thank you. The picture was taken in Clinton, Mississippi. It was a part of an art project done by local artists to bring renewed interest in the historic old town district. There are 20 bicycles of different artistic styles. Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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