spicy: happenstance: A Growing Tale



Walking down the street

lucky happenstance of the day

a small collection of coins

appeared in my way


Quite near

two people standing around

a tale of gossip

listening as I bent down


Spicy delights

as they told a tale

exciting and tempting

details big as a whale


Excitement builds

as the tale is told

hidden snippets

some of it is old


Spreading like wildfire

fueling the imagination

more people joined in

thus grew the speculation


What the tale was about

don’t exactly know

by the time it was finished

the gossip began to grow


People went their way

eager to spread the tale

false details added

rumors of some going to jail


An interesting walk

wondering how far the tale will travel

 gossip is transitory

truth will unravel


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce