Endless rain poses dangerous conditions…

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About 10 or so years ago, Tennessee, Georgia, and many other Southern states were in the middle of the worse drought in years. The area lakes were dangerously low. We didn’t have to ration water at my location, but we were told not to wash our cars and to avoid other large water use activities. Everything seemed so dry and crunchy that we thought the drought-like conditions would never end.

Until the last couple of years. Sudden rain and thunderstorms are almost a daily occurrence. The ground stays drenched. We have a house full of ants that have escaped to the surface because their homes have been flooded. Groundhogs, chipmunks, and yes even snakes are being displaced from their homes. We’ve had straight line wind in Cookeville that caused record breaking damage and loss. Fortunately, during the recent straight-line wind storms (not tornadoes) no one was seriously injured. Which was a…

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