Skipper’s Tall Tales: The Brassy Female Cocker Spaniel


The grass is still wet this morning from the storms last night. The rain has made the summer morning less humid. Piper has taken me to the park to walk this morning. The path around the lake is pleasant with the ducks and geese diving for fish.

There is a fisherman nearby with his fishing line baited with a red and white bobbin. I was about to take a morning swim when I saw the brassy female cocker spaniel across the bay. What a beautiful sight she was with her bright golden coat and groomed in classic style. She had a diamond collar with bright pink painted toenails.  She was my dream come true.

I pulled away from Piper and dove into the lake. The water was cool this morning as I quickly grabbed the red and white bobbin from the fishing line. Nothing was too good to impress my new love. The fisherman did not want to give up the bobbin and began to pull on the line.

I caught the wind in my ears while coming up out of the water and began to fly with the bobbin in my mouth. The fisherman kept pulling back on the line and I was back in the water again. The duck saw the commotion and decided to join in on the fun. He grabbed the bobbin from me as I loosened my grip in reaction to the fisherman’s pull.  He began to swim away with the prize. The fisherman pulled the line again and the duck dropped the bobbin.

red headed duck strawberry patch park april 24

I quickly recovered and sprang into action in the water grabbing the bobbin again. This time when the wind caught my ears I was able to fly faster in the air. The fisherman let go and the red and white bobbin was mine.

Piper had made her way around the bay and was talking to the man with the brassy female cocker spaniel.  I took my prize to this lovely female and presented it as I introduced myself.  Her name was Brandy and she lived not too far down the road.

Brandy was not pleased with my gift and just pushed it aside. Suddenly a strong wind blew indicating another approaching storm. Brandy’s diamond collar broke and began flying in the wind toward the water. I saw my chance and lifted my ears up to catch the wind to be able to fly.

Springing forward into the air I followed the diamond collar into the soaring fountain of water shooting up in the middle of the lake. The diamond collar flew to the left of the fountain and I turned a somersault diving toward the collar.

I almost had the collar when one of the geese decided to fight me for the prize. The goose flew and took the collar to the bay and laid it on the ground. Slowly I dove into the water and swam silently toward the edge.  The diamond collar was in sight when the goose saw me.

geese drinking water in strawberry park april 24

He made a honking noise and flapped his wings in a gesture for me to stay away. For a moment I considered it. Brandy winked her long eye lashes at me and again I swam toward the shore.

The goose walked away from the lake for a moment and I sprang into action. Bouncing off the water and catching the wind I flew full speed into the air and grabbed the diamond collar.

I flew to where Brandy was standing and presented her with the collar. Her brown eyes gleamed as she put the collar back on.  My new love claimed that I was her hero and that we should meet again soon.

Piper was ready to go and reconnected my collar to the leash. I bounced with pride as I walked away from Brandy. She was truly the cocker spaniel of my dreams. I was so entranced in my dreams that I almost walked past the apple pie without noticing it sitting in front of her.

After my last apple pie incident where I almost died Piper has been careful not to give me anymore apples. Seeing Brandy with this apple pie was more than I could resist. Using my Skipper flying powers I transcended the wind again and began to fly toward the pie.

Stealing the pie away from Brandy was easy and I swooped down and grabbed it. It was not even a difficult choice for me. I cringed at the thought of not having that apple pie. Brandy was furious and declared that she never wanted to see me again.

Piper just shook her head as left the lake. I have no regrets about the pie. It was less work than trying to impress that brassy cocker spaniel.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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  1. Second paragraph, a beautiful “site” I think should be a beautiful “sight”. Dang homonyms.

      • 🙂 …. I have to spell check everything. Today I couldn’t spell cocoon. (cacoon, caccoon…. it oughter be like raccoon, right?)

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