Alligator Hole In One

alligator on golf course 2 may 5

The alligator lies in the sun

with deep brown eyes

relaxing on the golf course

watching the golf balls fly by


One golfer hits a ball

a little too close

totally unaware

of an alligator’s boast


He goes to retrieve the ball

the alligator’s head in the air

thinking he can hit the alligator

with a snare


The alligator sees the golfer

swishes his tail up high

hitting the lost ball

in the air going wide


The golf ball flies through the air

for a totalย hole in one

The alligator rests his head

again in the sun


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Over 11 years in Florida passing over the largest populated lake in all of Florida and I never did see one. Even put my dog right up to the edge of the bank (kidding), only saw caged ones. It is like coming to Washington (here), and not ever seeing a bear.

    • In recent years the alligators have become more frequent in coming to the places where people live. They are protected here. There is a limited number that are hunted each year by special hunting license. The spring rains bring them to the more populated areas. Thanks for reading.

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