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I want to Thank:Inaloveworld ,PRERNA , Victor & Vivilise for nominating me one-lovely-blog-award-badge1for the “One lovely blogger award”!   A Giant Thank you to you all. These bloggers posses their own unique styles of representing their thoughts. Do make sure to visit their Lovely blogs.


  • Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post.
  • They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  • Must add 7 facts about themselves.
  • Nominate 15 people to do the award!

7 Fun/ interesting facts about me:

My Blood group is B-ve ,which is second rarest blood group in the world (1.5% in whole world). I can receive blood either from an O-ve or B-ve itself. 

I didn’t cry when I was born.(guess I wanted to have peace 😂) 

I also didn’t cry on my first day of school…

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