The Cedar Street Squirrel

Wonderful post. Squirrel add adventure to our lives.


I was reading a post on Piper’s Adventures about her struggle to manage bird feeders with squirrels around. My husband says squirrels are just rats with bushy tails. He makes fun of me for thinking that ‘tree rats’ are anything but a menace. I have been annoyed with them myself, but they are cute to watch while dancing gracefully among the branches.

It reminded me of The Cedar Street Squirrel from my childhood. I suppose because he was black, it was easy for us to single him out and recognize him easily. Our neighbor up the street, Danny, raised pigeons. Being outdoors often with some good snacks was the beginning of the Black Squirrel Legend.

While I believe Danny probably got the ball rolling, my mom made the squirrel a ‘pet’ at our house as well. She was a 24/7 housewife that often sat on the porch to rest between…

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