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The Life and Times of a Suburban Blue Bird

The suburbs are an interesting place to live in Mississippi. There is a part of the city mixed with some of the benefits of living out among nature. One of the most intriguing parts of this life is the observation of the variety of birds. My yard is filled with doves, cardinals, blue birds, wrens and robins all trying to feast on the bird feeders containing sunflower seeds. The lives of all of the birds are fun and interesting to watch. There are no predators in the yard so the birds enjoy the security of abundant food.

Jess built some bird houses and posted them on the fence. One of the first residents in the bird house is a male and female bluebird. The male is majestic in his blue color as he sports through the yard. He is looking a bit ruffled since bumbling the morning battle with another male blue bird. The female is beautiful but not as full of color. She is checking out the variety of houses looking for the perfect nesting spot.

The pair finally decide on a house in the corner of the yard and begin building a nest. The blue birds bring small twigs and other treasures to fill the nest. Some of the treasures for this nest come from our yard. There was a thunderstorm the night before and small twigs and leaves are now in the yard. Building the nest is a slow process that is observed for days before finally being finished. When the birds have move in we can see the twigs resting on the inside of the house.

It is not long before the nest is filled with eggs. The blue birds guard this nest very aggressively from any perceived predators. Some of the air battles with other birds are entertaining to watch. We have also observed a squirrel being chased away from the nest by the blue birds. They are serious protectors when it comes to their family.

Bluebird Jess

The female blue bird sits on the nest for hours each day. She rests her head on the entrance hole to house continually observing activity close to the house. The male will visit several times a day. He will often bring food and guard the nest while the female leaves to find food. This process will continue for a few weeks until the eggs are hatched.

After the eggs are hatched the young birds chirp in anticipation of the food their parents will bring. The birds feed their young several times a day. While we have several bird feeders containing sunflower seed, the female prefers to feed her young family spiders and other sources of protein. The bird house is close to a wooded area providing an abundance of this type of food.

Bluebird with spider jess

After a few weeks the young blue birds are ready to fly away.  The blue birds will continue to be with their young family for quite a while.  They will leave the bird house and teach the young birds how to live in the woods. Eventually the young blue birds will leave the parents to pursue their own lives.

Jess cleaned the bird house and discovered a small blue egg that did not develop. It was a pretty egg and I am sad that it did not hatch. The cycle of life can be disheartening at times. Sometimes there is loss in the renewal of life for these birds. The bird house is empty now waiting to be discovered by a new couple of birds in search of a nesting site.

A few days ago we observed a new male and female blue bird looking at another bird house in the yard. It appears that the cycle will begin anew. The new blue birds are bringing new twigs and other treasures to the bird house. Soon there will be eggs and the cycle of life will begin again.  Jess and I are looking forward to observing this young family grow and flourish. Nature is wonderful in life and abundance in this spring season.

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Reflections for Earth Day

Immortality is an idea that most people contemplate in a lifetime. This idea is expressed in religion, culture, and nature. This is an exploration of immortality in nature.

The forest is an interesting ecosystem in the life it supports. There are birds and insects that have abundant lives on the food and water provided by nature. The trees and various plants thrive on the soil which provides nutrients. There is a continuance of the life cycle throughout this symbiotic relationship.

petrified forest water path 2 april 14

The trees have found an interesting way to immortality. Petrified wood is trees which have been transformed into stone through a process called permineralization. Using the ingredients essential for life the ecosystem is the way to immortality. Once transformed the tree is preserved for eternity.

In the mist of the living is the immortality of the preserved. Throughout the continuance of life these petrified trees witness the renewal of the forest. Every season brings rains, snow, scorching heat, and other changes in the earth that change the ecosystem. Yet the petrified trees remain the same.

The process of permineralization is a slow one which takes millions of years. During this time the journey of life continues and the forest changes. Through the years if the forest is allowed to progress naturally then the petrified tree will observe the changes from its original home. If the forest is destroyed by fire or other means, then the petrified tree is alone or moved from the ecosystem.

petrified wood april 14

What does this say about immortality in nature? Is life in stone renewal or is it just another journey into death? The answers to these questions lie in every person’s definition of life. I believe that life and death are a journey that must continue. Nature continues to change in life and every death contributes to renewal.

When the tree becomes stone it stagnates and does not participate in the renewal of life. Watching from a stone does not lead it to continue the journey that nature encourages. Therefore, true immortality cannot be achieved through permineralization. There is a loss of meaning and true death. There is no life for the tree beyond this stone state.

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Piper at Reservoir Overlook

The Natchez Trace is filled with interesting scenery. The parkway is filled with mounds, a swamp, trees, and a large diversity of wildlife.  Recently Jess and I visited the Reservoir Overlook on the Natchez Trace. The overlook is close to the suburbs and is visited frequently by people wanting to take part in nature. The Reservoir Overlook is composed of a big field with some shade trees with a nice view of the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

fallen limb in reservoir outlook march 31

As we were walking to the edge of the water a blue heron landed and began standing in the water. Blue herons are beautiful and there are many of them in this part of Mississippi. The birds have an abundant food supply with the fish in the reservoir and few predators. The grandiose presence of this bird makes one admire how wonderful life is. The head of the blue heron reminds me of an aristocrat wearing his dress hat. He is dignified admiring his territory.

blue heron at reservoir overlook natchez trace


The blue water is inviting and peaceful to look at and experience. I think about how that majestic heron has the freedom and ability to fly without worry. For the most part the life of the blue heron is calm and peaceful. Since there are few predators he has the ability to choose where to spends his time. The reservoir is a large body of water fed by the Pearl River creating many small islands and inlets. As the blue heron flies away when we approach, I am grateful for the blessing of being able to photograph and observe all the beautiful blessings of life.

blue heron cropped

As we walk in the field there is a large tree that stands alone. It is a beautiful tree that guards a portion of the field. The shade from the tree provides a perfect area for a picnic and to lie under on a blanket to contemplate the meaning of life. Jess and I wonder how long the tree has been here and how much of life changes it has seen. This area is protected but the areas in close proximity to it have seen many changes as the suburbs grow. big tree reservoir overlook natchez trace

As we end our day at the Reservoir Overlook there are more people arriving to enjoy the late afternoon and the sunset. This is a wonderful place to visit and experience peace and serenity. Jess and I hope that you enjoyed this overview and can come to visit Reservoir Overlook on the Natchez Trace.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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Piper at home

Home. Just the sound of the word makes me peaceful and happy. As a native Mississippian I often think of the beauty of this state. Our seasons can be months long or all played out in a day. This blog is about how my husband Jess and I journey through life in Mississippi. We want to take you with us as we explore all that is wonderful on this journey. So please join us and experience the excitement that is Piper’s adventure.