Sweet Innocence: A Puppy at Play

grace baby picture

Running and playing

enjoying the day

free of all worry

scampering away


Moments of bliss

each time he turns around

a squirrel appears

not making a sound


Living each moment

breathing in the clean air

stopping for a second

absorbing the sun’s glare


Letting today take care of itself

enjoying the race

always a new experience

part of God’s grace


The future is uncertain

life has many slopes

he enjoys the journey

always with love and hope


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce



  1. We have an 8 month old puppy and she lives in the moment and since we are at home in “self isolation” and taking long walks she is very happy with life.

    • Our furry friends do bring joy in times of crisis. My puppy teaches me everyday to live in the moment. Thanks for reading. Please be safe and have a wonderful day!

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