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Blooms in the Wind

Native to this land

blowing in the wind

azalea blooms duplicate

spreading color within


Never missing a beat

continually in bloom

exciting onlookers

creating a festive room


So many colors

dominate the land

exciting diversity

each lending a hand


Offering so much

as each bloom grows

asking so little

spreading what it knows


Life is abundant

inner spirits filled with peace

living in the moment

together bounty will increase


Continuing in many forms

throughout the year

growing bushes

nothing to fear


Meditation over

morning sun fills my face

meandering along

grateful for God’s grace


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Spring Travel: Natchez Mississippi

Spring is a wonderful time to travel in the state of Mississippi. The flowers are in full bloom and the weather is pleasant. I recently took a day trip to Natchez, Mississippi during its spring pilgrimage. During this time the antebellum homes are open for touring and the history of Natchez is presented. In addition to the museums several privately owned homes are open during this period. Each house has been a part of American history and tells unique stories. This is a brief summary of the events of the day.


Natchez is on the Mississippi River and is the oldest settlement. Founded in 1716 it has served Mississippi from a frontier capital to the tourist destination that it is today. The first stop on my tour began at Fort Rosalie. It survived an Indian massacre in 1729. The Rosalie house was completed in 1823. Nestled along the Mississippi River the old house has beautiful gardens and a stately appearance. The huge trees surrounding the house create a quiet serene haven. There is a wonderful view of the river through the neatly cut grass field. Photography is not allowed in any of the antebellum homes. Each one has a rich history of a succession of families who lived in these homes for the past two to three hundred years.


After touring Rosalie the next stop on the tour is lunch at the Carriage House on the property of Stanton Hall. The restaurant serves southern style food and has a blue plate lunch special. I had the deviled egg potato salad, shrimp poboy, and gumbo. It was a wonderful mix of spices and flavors. The staff is attentive and the tables are quite elegant for fine dining. The Carriage House is used for events as well during the year.


After a relaxing lunch the next stop on the tour was Stanton Hall. Built in 1858 the stately house is open for tours and used for social occasions in Natchez. The house has been used as bed in breakfast which included guests such as General Macarthur and his family. It  has also been used for filming movies because of its elaborate furnishings and flair. The bedrooms in the house were used in the mini series North and South. This movie is one of the many stories about the American Civil War. The docents of the house have served there for many years and are happy to share all of the history of this house.


The afternoon concluded with a horse drawn carriage tour of downtown Natchez. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and told many stories of the buildings in town. Natchez has some eccentric characters in its history which make for an enjoyable afternoon filled with stories. Many of the buildings downtown have had multiple uses through the years and serve as a reminder of the rich history of this town.


It was late afternoon as we left Natchez to make our way home. Memories of this rich historical town will remain with me.  Our tour guides were helpful in suggesting restaurants and other places to visit. I look forward to visiting again to experience more of the historical significance of this town.

copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Azalea in the Spring

azaela in park

From the bloom

there is a story to be told

tales of adventure

the colors are bold


The journey begins

in a land far away

filled with emptiness

faith had begun to sway


The winter was long

buried beneath the ground

lonely and cold

seemed no one was around


Then it happened

a warm wind began to blow

sun began to shine

there was life below


Having faith

on this brand new day

springing forth with color

growth gave way


Opening up

shining from within

promise of continuing life

faith has a win


Spring has come

colorful life everywhere

time for joy

happiness to share


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce



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Spring: Festival of Celebration

foxgloves ms museum of art april 23

Colors bursting forth

spring is in the air

new beginnings abound

flower shows with a flair


A time of celebration

festivals are around

walking and biking

everyone comes to town


In the midst of the flowers

there is a band

young men and women dancing

joy across the land


Aromas of food

floating down the street

vendors selling their wares

performers on their feet


The festival persists

 into the night

sounds of music

under the street lights


The festival ends

there are sounds in the night

bugs are singing

a few spread some light


The moon is high

waiting for a new day

spring passing through

joy along the way


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce





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Spring: Birds

male bluebird april 10

Songs in the air

the birds are singing

searching for a nest

a doorbell is ringing


Sitting on a perch

ready to move in

gathering branches

the nest is thin


Little ones now

the nest is full

sounds of chirping

worms to pull


Sun is out

learning to fly

aerial tricks

time passing by


Leaving the nest

to explore the world

cycle of life continues as

adventures become unfurled


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


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Winter Blooms in the Spring

Hope in the spring

from winter blooms

beautiful colors

fill the room


Promises of life

continue to grow

the spirit soars

the heart knows


Love never dies

birds continue to sing

soothing songs to the soul

each with a unique ring


Looking closer

bees buzz around

spring blooms emerging

nature has a relaxing sound


Meditation over

peace has returned

life continues

love is affirmed


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


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Spring: Morning on the Bayou


Across the horizon

a new day begins

nature joyfully singing

the fog is thin


Kayaking along the bay

a fish jumps high

thrashing around

with others nearby


Squirrels in the trees

leaving a nest

jumping around

running without rest


Sea gulls in the air

playing aerial games

enjoying the wind

no manuever is the same


Calmness abound

renewal of the soul

sun sparkles on the water

new tales to be told


Stopping now

time to grab a bite

feeling blessed this morning

everything is just right


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Spring is a new beginning

apple bloom 2 april 14

Spring is a new beginning

pollen in the air

blooms expressing new life

colors with a flair


Renewal expressed

in the sun and clouds

warmth across the land

thunderstorms are loud


The soul rejoices

at the return of life

promises of a new beginning

adventure without strife


Love returns

bees begin to dance

birds singing songs

life in a trance


Time of renewal

joy in things present and past

a smile on my face

peace has returned at last


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce



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Lifestyle: A Spring Picnic at Mississippi Petrified Forest

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The warming of the days bring on the urge to connect with nature. Mississippi is filled with exciting and beautiful places to engage the outdoors. On a recent visit to the Mississippi Petrified Forest we discovered a picnic area on the park property. Jess and I packed a picnic basket and journeyed to a park table surrounded by trees and a field. This was a calm and quiet area during the week with only a few people walking the grounds.

We decided to decorate the table and enjoy the simple pleasures of the nature around us. The trees were full of green leaves that moved to the light breeze blowing through them. There were birds chirping and small insects buzzing around the table. We were amazed at the serenity and tranquility of the spot.

With a full picnic basket containing a table-cloth, napkins, plates, candle, and goblets the table began to take on a festive theme. The food is usually simple and easy to pack. Our meal consisted of shrimp sandwiches, fruit, carrots, and baked beans. Shrimp sandwiches have become one of our favorite picnic foods. Grilled to perfection with a mix of jalapeno peppers and garlic the shrimp travels well as the ingredients continue to marry each other as time passes.  Jess and I love this time to connect with nature and reflect upon all of our blessings.

After the meal was finished it was time to take a gentle stroll around the field and trees. We walked and took photographs of the presentations of nature’s beauty.


I reflected upon how some of the landscape reminded me of my grandmother’s land. As a child visiting my grandmother was an adventure. The land upon which she lived had many types of flowers, trees, and a large yard. This picnic area had pine trees and a large area of grass that blew gently in the wind. This walk and photography session were a pleasant relaxing memory.

Jess and I packed our picnic basket and camera as the day came to a close. It was getting to be late afternoon and we were relaxed and ready to head home. The day was wonderful and some day soon it will be time for another picnic.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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How to Control Mississippi Heat: An Adventure in Keeping Cool

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Mississippi is beginning to get hot. The temperatures are rising the farther it gets into spring. Soon summer will arrive and it will be one hundred degrees in the shade. This is an exploration of the ways Mississippians beat the heat.

Mississippi has an abundance of water venues that are open to the public. The rivers, ponds, lakes, and reservoirs are filled most days of the spring and summer with people trying to keep cool. There are many options for entertainment while trying to keep cool on the water.

Kayaking is a fun way to beat the heat. The early humid mornings lure people into the water with their kayaks. People will begin their adventure at an inlet and paddle into the scenic routes along the river. They will be greeted by ducks, geese, and other waterfowl searching for breakfast.

red headed duck strawberry patch park april 24

As the trip progresses there is an occasional alligator that will swim under the kayak. This cooling adventure may last an hour or most of the day. There are many small sand dunes which serve as a place for a picnic lunch or a place to take a cool dip in the river.

Swimming is another option to cool off on the hot spring and summer days. There are swimming pools which are filled with children. The cool water is splashed around and there is much laughter and joy.

Many people choose to control the Mississippi heat by exercising in the outdoors in the early morning. The humidity is lower in the mornings before the temperature rises. There are paved paths along the roads for walking and bicycling.

Spring and summer weekends are filled with 5 k walk and run races. These races are used as a venue to raise money for various causes. Walkers and runners are fond of these races due to the dual purpose they serve. Often the participants are a part of a team. These teams provide a source of encouragement for the participants and a reason to exercise. The team provides a sense of pride in the money that is raised for the cause.

Bicycling has become popular in the spring and summer months. The gentle breeze that blows on the biker as he rides is refreshing. The Natchez Trace provides a beautiful venue for a morning ride. The road is smooth and even with little traffic. There is a century ride each year on the Natchez Trace. This race is fun to watch and encourage the riders as they complete the hundred mile course.

The Mississippi heat can be controlled by the use of fans. This is a popular option among the senior citizens of our state. Most housing options in Mississippi have a porch or a patio to enjoy. Ceiling fans are a popular choice for these places. Older adults spend many hours enjoying conversations sitting on the porch. Neighbors will come visit and enjoy a relaxing cold glass of lemonade or sweet ice tea. A wonderful way to control the Mississippi heat.

Another option to control the Mississippi heat are decadent desserts. Ice cream is a popular option. During family gatherings ice cream is made in a churn type maker. A fun way to make ice cream is use a churn that must be turned by hand. This is often a task for the children. It is exciting for them to watch and participate in the process of making ice cream.

Popsicles are made in the freezer and distributed to the children on hot afternoons. These are creative treats that may be made with juice or kool aid. Many people have gone a step further and added fresh fruit to the mix. A fun cool treat to beat the heat.

During the summer holidays jello molds are popular. Often decorated with various colors this dessert represents the creativity of those who are assigned to make it. Jello molds often are the centerpiece of the holiday table.

Air conditioning is the final control of the Mississippi heat. During the afternoon the heat can become stifling in the spring and summer months. It is a relief to walk into a cool indoor place after having fun in the sun. The shopping malls are popular during this time of the year.

The methods to control the Mississippi  heat are varied and many are used in the same day. The spring and summer are wonderful months to enjoy all that Mississippi has to offer. Living in Mississippi is an adventure worth living.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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