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Piper’s Rites of Spring

Spring in Mississippi is a wonderful site and experience.  There are festivals, Easter egg hunts, and flowers. Our exploration of spring began with an art festival that featured artists using mediums of paint, clay, and wood. These works of art were beautiful and diverse in expression. My favorite was a clay figure of a man behind a counter that was realistic and many wondered why he would not give them customer service. Scattered among the booths was music by local solo singers and family bands. After the festival we continued our  pilgrimage with a tour of spring flowers. Rose gardens are popular and can be seen in landscapes that are wild and cultured. The red roses pictured above opened to welcome spring and shine in the abundant sunshine. Following the roses are the abundance of Mississippi wildflowers scattered along the highways. Many years ago Mississippi began a wildflower program to improve the landscape across our many miles of highways. Finally our journey ended at home looking at the vibrant blooms of our plum trees, pear trees, and peach trees. Life is beautiful and we hope that your spring is as wonderful and colorful as life in Mississippi.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Piper at home

Home. Just the sound of the word makes me peaceful and happy. As a native Mississippian I often think of the beauty of this state. Our seasons can be months long or all played out in a day. This blog is about how my husband Jess and I journey through life in Mississippi. We want to take you with us as we explore all that is wonderful on this journey. So please join us and experience the excitement that is Piper’s adventure.