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A Flower Show

foxgloves ms museum of art april 23


Shocking beauty spread

as each bloom began to open

many different colors

another part of life has spoken


In each new bloom

there is a story to be told

listen closely

before the morning grows old


Shades of pink and yellow

a few blooms of orange within

dew acts like a mirror

my soul is drawn in


Sparkling sun

there is a slight breeze

wandering around the garden

spirit filled with ease


Living in the moment

a brief meditation

I am uplifted

by this wonderful celebration


Meditation over

time to move along

my spirit is renewed

by nature’s song


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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Viable: A Winter Bulb

purple and yellow bulbs on hill march

Blooming bulb

viable in the late winter

opening to show its beauty

vibrant color with splendor


Against the odds

it puts on a show

deep purple leaves

a small yellow spot to glow


My soul is lifted

at this spectacular site

a promise of days to come

a spiritual delight


Other blooms come

to join the renewal of life

a brief moment in time

relief from winter’s strife


Speaking a gentle story

of a small universe within

a moment of pure joy

before the cold wins


A small bird lands

encouraged by the promise of spring

searching for food

around each petals ring


Meditation ends

the new day has begun

a joyful moment of beauty

another anthem sung


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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Mississippi Perfume : A Spring Adventure

Fragrances are the essence of spring for me. Every spring the perfumes of the flowers and trees remind me of the wonderful life that I have been given. The fragrances are a call to the outdoors. They are the essence of the past, present, and future. Everyday holds a new beginning in the cycle of life.

The spring adventure starts in mid March with the blooming of the daffodils. These beautiful bulbs begin the show with their brilliant yellow and white colors. The promise is fulfilled that there is new life and renewal in the ecosystem. In Mississippi bulbs are popular and can be seen in gardens and on the roadways. The presence of these spring blooms speaks to the beauty of this state.

As spring continues to emerge the trees begin to bud and the wonderful sweet perfume in the flowers attracts the bees. It is a wonderful site to watch the dance of the bees and the flowers. The bees will fly from each bloom and with the wind blowing there will be harmony in the creation of new life. Soon the pollen spread by these bees will produce new fruit on the trees. The young fruit is the renewal of the life cycle in these trees.

bee closeup on clover april 7

The sweet fragrance of the spring will also bring the birds to the landscape. The birds will seek nesting places to begin a family. The renewal of life in the trees is an inviting place for birds to begin a new life. The new life on the trees provide an abundance of food for the birds.

Pine trees are abundant in Mississippi in the forest and in the suburban landscape. These trees send a yellow coat of pollen into the landscape. The fragrance of these trees is sweet and are the cause of many allergy issues in people. The yellow pollen show will continue for many weeks as the new pine cones emerge to continue the life of the trees.

pine tree in bloom april 1

Magnolia trees have beautiful large white blooms that appear in the spring. These fragrant flowers are large and shine brightly in the morning sun. They coat the landscape in many parks and yards. This wonderful flower is the Mississippi state flower.

magnolia group blooms april 21

Flower gardens are popular in the spring landscape. The bright colors and fragrances of the flower gardens are pleasing to the senses. Many people find peace and relaxation while working on these gardens. The fragrant flowers are nourishment for the soul.

Rose gardens are popular in Mississippi. Many people plant roses of various colors in the gardens. The sweet fragrance of these flowers attract bees, humming birds, and a variety of butterflies. The gardens are fun to take care of and to reap the reward of freshly cut flowers. The fragrance fills the house with calming scents.

mom rose garden april 1

The Mississippi Museum of Art has beautiful garden areas that are visited often in the spring. There is a section that has flower gardens planted in memory of loved ones  by museum patrons. These gardens have beautiful yellow flowers, roses, foxgloves, and grasses. The perfume of these flowers is a loving memory of those who have passed and the renewal of life.

There is a community nature park that has sections of flowers in the spring. These flowers appear on bushes that bloom in the spring. The vibrant colors and fragrance of the flowers attract bees and humming birds. This is a fun and relaxing thing to observe.

The spring attracts people to the outdoors. The sweet fragrance in the air is a call to people to renew their relationship with nature. Spring is the time of year when outdoor activities begin anew.

As the days begin to warm the people begin to reappear in the landscape. There are baseball games and races with walkers and runners. The barbecue grills return as people experience the appealing fragrances of food being cooked outside. This is the time for families to reconnect after the long separation of the winter months.

June soon appears and the spring fragrances begin to fade. Summer is on the horizon and there will be new perfumes in the air. The spring flowers will fade and give rise to the summer landscape. The temperatures in Mississippi are hot in the summer and people will begin to spend more time inside to escape the heat.

The fruit on the trees is maturing now and the bees have gone to more inviting landscapes. It has been a wonderful spring in Mississippi and the sweet fragrances of the spring flowers is now a wonderful memory. The future looks bright and all is well with the world.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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