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Piper’s Easter Reflections

Good morning. This is a reblog from an Easter a long time ago. I hope that everyone has a Happy Easter! Have a wonderful day!

Easter in Mississippi is a wonderful time. Like many places in theĀ south it is filled with crosses, Easter eggs, and spring flowers in the garden. Sunrise services dominate Easter morning as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Renewal and redemption fill our hearts as we sing hymns old and new. All of the people are excited to announce that “He is risen! ” After the sun rises above the horizon we return to our homes for a day of Easter egg hunts, food, and family. The lunch at our home will often consist of ham, potatoes, green beans, casseroles, and delectable desserts. Our families will visit as the children search for hidden treasures and the adults try to remember where the prize egg is hidden. Many old Easter eggs will beĀ found in gardens long after the holiday has ended. As this Easter approaches we hope that you will join us in this celebration of hope, faith, and family.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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The Lone Cross

Alone on a hill

the solitary cross stands

remembering His patience

a difference made by one man

Talented wordsmith

taught with parables

lived a perfect life

no matter what the variables

Women looking like a flamfoo

feeling great pain

crying silently near Him

not understanding the gain

Death defeated

when He gave up the ghost

graves are opened

dead walking with Heavenly Host

The cross is vacant

standing on a lonely hill

calling all to remember

why His blood was spilled

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce