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A Land River

Walking along the trail

landscape creates an illusion

of a flowing river

creating some confusion

Grass and moss

liquid in the shadows

flowing with precision

combining mountains and meadows

Wildlife abound

in the moss and trees

crickets singing

birds flying in the breeze

Like a dream of

walking on the water

jumping and twirling

molding images like a potter

The sun shifts

the mossy river fades

till the next cycle

the return of the shade

An awesome creation

the wonders of the land

grateful to be a part

something so grand

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce

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Particular: View of a Fall Transition

fall color april 22

Walking through the woods

observing the foliage this year

there was a particular tree

that spoke without fear


Standing among the big trees

small and in the middle of life

having shed its leaves

preparing for winter’s strife


There is beauty abound

the tree said to me

look amongst the different colors

different wildlife to see


Soon we will sleep

snow will swirl across the land

an awesome beauty

providing water with each band


A time of contemplation

reflecting upon the love given

nestled snug together

comfortable in our living


Spring will come

wakened to a new year

grateful for a chance to begin again

another opportunity for cheer


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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