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Far Beyond: Heavenly Cloud




Far beyond this world

lies a beautiful cloud

heavenly mail is delivered

angels singing loud


The sun is shining 

through the lens of a tree

magical dancing

feeling his love for me


As the clouds go by

heavenly mail is delivered

love drops out

wind makes me shiver


New adventures

messages in the wind

there will come a time

when we will meet again


Eternally loving each other

though we are apart

the clouds float by

heavenly messages from the heart


Always reminded

of the times that we had

till we meet again

the sun makes my heart glad


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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The Waterfall

waterfall structure

In a vision

there was a waterfall

laughter surrounding it

the rocks quite tall


A group of siblings

in the heavenly realm

sharing love and happiness

God at the helm


There is a table

not far away

family sharing stories

about those in the earthly bay


Words of comfort

are sent down

till earthly time has passed

and all are in the heavenly realm


The beauty of the spirit

in this perfected time

sends water from heaven

to cleanse the earthly eye


Love never dies

loved ones are not far away

God allows comforting messages sent

along the water falls way


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


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Through the Mirror of Time

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! A time of sadness for me that is comforted by the Heavenly Light.

bill and debbie wedding pic


Through the mirror of time

lies memories of past

a day of happiness

meant to last


Dreams from long ago

a couple beaming with bliss

a Christmas wedding

straight from Santa’s list


Blessings from the Light

a gift to the world

a tiny cry of hope

emotions in a twirl


Happiness reigns

till the end of time

a spiritual connection

a Heavenly bind


On this Christmas

celebrate the Light

know pure love

is in sight


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce






angels culture God inspiration intentional living life lifestyles Mississippi poetry spiritual

Where is the Light

mom rose garden april 1

There is sadness in my soul

longing for life of ole

little flicker almost out

need the light to shout


Longing to be close to my love

who has been called above

little flicker almost out

need the light to shout


Able to eat again

fatty foods not thin

little flicker almost out

need the light to shout


From the garden a message comes

his love for me is not done

little flicker begins to flame

the light is shouting beginning to gain


A gift from above

God is love

little flicker is now a flame

the light is shouting my name


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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Angels Among Us


The morning sun is beating down on this humid summer morning. We are about half way into our morning walk when I spot the shiny copper object. Bending down to get a better look I discover that it is a bright shiny penny. According to my mother an angel has just smiled on me.

My mother believes that angels show their presence in our lives by dropping coins onto the ground. She believes that the amount the coin is worth indicates how many angels are smiling down on you. It is a lovely thought that brings her pleasure.

Angels are often depicted in art, literature, and religion. They are messengers who connect us with the divine. Some angels represent good and others evil. I believe that angels walk among us and appear in different forms.

Many people have encounters with angels on a daily basis. The angels are there to help them in times of crisis or stress. These guardians enhance our lives and bring us closer to God.

There are times when an angel’s message can be heard by the words or actions of the people surrounding you. This may be a chance encounter in a store when you are concerned about an issue in life. In shopping you may hear a conversation where people are discussing a solution to the issue that you are facing.

You may be walking or driving in a car and hear a song that inspires a solution to the current issue. These are examples of the many ways that angels communicate with us.

I have had several encounters with angels over the years. It is a comfort to me to know that God has sent a guardian to watch over me. There is one time in particular that my life was spared due to God intervening.

One fall morning I was driving to Atlanta to visit my mother. He was a cocker spaniel that  shined in his golden coat and often travelled with me. I would restrain him in the backseat of the car so he would not jump into the front seat. We were about half way into our journey when things began to go awry. The car needed gas and I decided to stop at an exit before moving on to the next town.

The interstate was busy at this time of the day. This exit was at the crossroads of where two interstate highways intersect. There were a lot of big trucks and cars that were speeding along in excess of seventy miles per hour. The ramp to reenter the interstate was short and had a curve in it making traffic difficult to see.

After stopping for gas I came down the ramp to reenter the interstate. While at the gas station I had taken my dog on a walk and forgot to restrain him in the back seat when we returned to the car. When I began to drive back on the interstate ramp all of a sudden my dog jumped into the front seat of the car and distracted me. I pulled out into the traffic not paying attention and heard a truck blow his horn loudly. For a brief moment it appeared that time had stopped. The next thing I knew it appeared as if the truck passed through me like a ghost.

I pulled over to the side of the road shaking from head to toe. It was a surreal feeling as I  realized that no accident had occurred and I was still in this world. Everything was fine and life went on as usual. Thanking God for sparing me and the rest of the world I proceeded to move my dog and restrain him in the backseat again. The trip went smoothly and there were no further incidents.

This is just one example of how God sent an angel to impact my life. There have been other times when it seemed  angels appeared. Many of these times have been when life was in disarray and I needed guidance to solve an issue.

In life there are issues that can impact the way that we interact with the world. By listening to the world around us there are often clues on how to solve the issues that we face. If we make a conscious effort then listening for guidance is easy.

God is always with us and sends us help when we need it. Angels are among us and will often serve as the messengers. All we need to do is allow our soul to listen.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce