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Gratitude – Countdown to Thanksgiving



for the life we are given

the ability to sense and feel

an opportunity to listen


Our hearts beat

as the blood continues to flow

beautiful rhythm

from fast to slow


Lungs are next

filled with clean air

contracting and expanding slowly

sweet sensations for the nares


Arms and legs

to sense all that is around

dancing to music

there is joy abound



contentment along the way

life is a gift

to be treasured each day


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


alaska culture environment God happiness inspiration life lifestyles nature poetry spiritual story telling

Snow Capped Mountain


My husband and I are on vacation this week. Have a wonderful day!


Snow capped mountain in the distance

cool, crisp , and clean

the ecosystem surrounding it

is so serene


A train filled with visitors

admires the beauty around

animals and wildlife

fill the snow covered forest surround


Winter scene designed by God

Beautiful snow covered trees in the valley

Everything is asleep

Awaiting spring to tally


The time is coming for the snow to melt

The wildlife will be waking

The rivers will be clean

It is serenity in the making


Observing God’s creation

With beauty and wonder

Appreciating all life

Something we need to ponder


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


alaska camping culture daily prompt environment God happiness hiking inspiration intentional living life lifestyles nature poetry preservation spiritual story telling

A Sunday Meditation

snow capped mountain alaska


I gazed across the valley

paying homage to the Lord

reflecting upon my blessings

humming a quiet chord


God gave me a voice

in which to praise and glorify

reflect upon the beauty

on the land and in the sky


He gave me feet

to walk across the land

kindness to others

lending a helping hand


He gave me a heart

teaching me how to love

helping others in need

a gift from above


He gave me freedom

to choose which way to live

expressing hate or love

my choice which to give


This meditation is ending

choosing love as my path

thankful for the choice

an eternity that will last


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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alaska camping culture daily prompt God happiness inspiration intentional living life lifestyles nature poetry spiritual story telling

Renewal and Peace

snow capped mountain alaska

In the distance a snow capped mountain

Surrounded by a lake of blue

Renewal is coming

The spring is new

The wildlife awoke

From a long winter’s sleep

Peace in the valley

Beginning so unique

God’s promise to us

If we will hear

Working together

Renewal and peace are near

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Alaska: A Tour of the Yukon


Alaska is a wonderful place to explore and visit. The cruise ship had pulled into port and we prepared for our tour of the Yukon in Canada. The air was crisp and cold as we left the ship and got on the bus. The sun was bright as it beamed down on the snow surrounding us.

Our tour guide was a friendly fellow who lived in this small town. The small town had the appearance of an old west type of architecture. There were several buildings that were painted white with red trim that radiated in the sun as we passed by.

We passed through town and listened to the stories of how the people lived and survived the cold climate. Our guide was older and preferred to live in town during the tourist season and fly down to warmer climates during the harsh winter. He was proud of this town and his face shined with the telling of each story.

We passed over the Canadian border and there were beautiful snow-covered mountains and valleys to greet us as we made our way to the Yukon. The land was untouched by humans and the beauty of the land began to beckon me.

Our first stop was at a small park where people frequently camped and fished. It was an extremely primitive campground surrounded by trees with deep green leaves and a lake that had small animals surrounding it. The ecosystem was alive and drawing me into the stories of this land. The life cycle of nature was in harmony and it was beautiful

Along the way to the Yukon there are many animals in the mountains that are close enough to get a picture. Often the tour guide would suddenly stop and we would move forward in our seats with a jolt. There would be no napping on this tour. There were bears and wild goats that would pose for pictures in the distance.

The Yukon became famous in the 1800s for the promise of gold. People came from many places seeking their fortunes. The Canadian government would not allow people to enter the Yukon without a year’s supply of food and other life essentials. The ecosystem is harsh and the people allowed to enter were prepared. I loved this life lesson in planning and perseverance.

In the Yukon there is the world’s smallest desert. It is a beautiful piece of land that appears to blend in well with the ecosystem. The day of our tour it was covered in snow patches.

Alaska 2

It was time for lunch and we stopped at a small restaurant that was included in our tour. The food was wonderful and consisted of barbecue ribs, cooked potatoes, peas, and bread. Home cooking is wonderful in all parts of the world.

After lunch we walked across the street to view a beautiful mountain with a lake in the front. The lake had an interesting variety of colors that changed with the seasons. In the spring this lake is dark blue in the deeper parts changing to light green in the shallow parts of the lake. The mountains surrounding the lake have dark green trees below the higher mountain rocks. Truly God is an awesome artist to have created such beauty.

After taking photographs we left this wonderful place and proceeded to our next stop. It was a ghost town that featured a small gift shop and post office. The town was well-preserved with old abandoned buildings and railroad tracks. There was an old train car on the tracks outside the post office.

It was a wonderful experience for the soul to imagine how life had been in the times when this town thrived. The people lived off the land and brought their gold to be measured and converted to currency. An interesting time in the history of the Yukon.

We returned to the tour bus and began our trip back to the cruise ship. There were more stops along the way to take pictures and observe the wildlife. I enjoyed the peacefulness and harmony of the land. The wildlife has adapted to the seasons and thrive in the ecosystem.

Returning to the United States clouds and rain have descended on the landscape. A deep fog has developed and the roads are hazardous. Our guide is familiar with the road and we arrive back at our ship without any issues.

It has been a wonderful day to experience the beauty of the world God created. Alaska is a wonderful place to visit and full of adventure. My soul is nourished and at peace.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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