The Red Forest

Walking in the forest

listening to the psithurism in the trees

the brilliant red colors

put my soul at ease

Walking is new

my propensity is to run

taking in the beauty

basking in the filtered sun

In earlier life

embracing the rat race

spending much cabbage

trying to keep pace

Older now

having altered my life

journey taking a different course

enjoying the wildlife

Hearing the music

coming from the wind and birds

appreciating the simple things

hard to put into words

The seasons change

joy to express

the journey is much slower

my soul is impressed

Sitting on a river bank

attempting to catch some fish

blessed beyond measure

soul filled with serenity and bliss

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. Love this! I feel the enjoyment, relaxation and calm of being in the woods. I seek that out in the woods around me every day no matter the weather or season. Great poem!

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